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Clay for Windows

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We're excited to announce the beta of our Windows app! We're excited to roll this out as a limited technical preview for our members, given it's been so frequently requested. We'll walk you through how to install the app on Windows, what you can do with the Windows app, and how to send us feedback.



  1. Download the Windows app here. Windows 10 or 11 is required.
  2. If you get a warning titled "Windows protected your PC" when installing, click "More info" and then "Run anyway". (Windows shows this alert for all new apps, and it should stop appearing soon.)





Everything in Clay for Mac is available on Clay for Windows, with the exception of our iMessage integration. Keyboard shortcuts that use CMD on Mac use CTRL on Windows.



To submit feedback or bugs, email us at Please include the following information:

  • What version of Windows you're running
  • Any screenshots or video recordings you have of the issue
  • What version of the app you're using: In the app, open the Udo menu → in the popup menu header you will see “Clay” followed by the ux version and then the desktop app version in parentheses
  • If possible, log files — on Windows, that would be C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Clay\logs\main.log


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