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I'm missing calendar events in my Home.

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The Home tab is intended to be a high-level view of the people you should be thinking about today, which includes people from calendar events, new people you've chatted with over email, Reconnect reminders, etc.

Because most calendars include events with many different types of people (people you talk to all the time within the company, close family members, new people you've never met before), Clay has a few default set automatically that help filter who shows up there. That said, you can always change who is shown or hidden in your Settings.

If you don't see certain calendar events in your Home tab, there are two likely causes:

  1. You need to change your Settings to be less restrictive by going to Settings > Home and make sure that the following are all on: Recurring, Calendar Relationships, Events with Starred People
    Then go to Settings > Notifications > Advanced and make sure the Quality filter is off:
    If those Settings are set, Clay will try to match your daily calendar as close as possible.

  2. Some events are not added to your calendar in a way that Clay can consume. Some events that are automatically added to your calendar by bots or third-party services (Calendly, Lunchclub, etc.) are added in a way that would make it difficult for Clay to display. We may add a preference for these in the future and improve our support for them.

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