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I’m having trouble connecting my Twitter account!

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Twitter’s official integration has recently had occasional downtime or behavior changes. We’re doing our best to adapt to the changing behavior as it happens, and have put together a few common workarounds for issues that arise.

Error message when logging in

If you’re getting a “Nothing to see here” error message when you’re trying to log in, try using the email address associated with your Twitter account and not your handle when signing into Twitter.

This appears to be a known issue where accounts with 2FA enabled are flagged when using a Twitter handle instead of their email address when logging in. Other Twitter applications have flagged this as well.

Redirect loop

If you’re encountering a redirect loop while trying to log in, try logging out of Twitter in a separate window first and then try to reconnect your Twitter account to Clay.

After clicking sign-in on the OAuth authorization page, Twitter briefly flashes an error message and then redirects back to the sign-in authorization page again. This appears to be a change in Twitter’s behavior when connecting an account. A temporary workaround would be to:

  • Open a new window.
  • Log out of Twitter.
  • Close the window.
  • Go back to Clay and try to reconnect Twitter.

This appears to be a known issue on Twitter’s forums that we’re monitoring as well.

If you encounter any other issue connecting Twitter to Clay, let us know here and we’ll take a look with you.

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