Example Searches

Our search engine is so intuitive that you can likely find exactly what you’re looking, without the need for specific keywords or formulas, so you really can’t go wrong!

Nonetheless, it is useful knowing all the different categories Clay allows you to search across:

By Location

  • City
    • Example: Philadelphia, Mountain View
  • State
    • Example: Michigan, CO
  • Country
    • Example: Egypt, Pakistan, USA
  • Region
    • Example: Europe, NYC, Bay Area

By Org

  • Place You’ve Worked
  • Notes with Work Information

By Education

  • Institution
  • Major
  • Education Level
    • Bachelors
    • Masters
    • PhD
    • PostDoc
  • Example: Cal Poly undergrad, International Relations MA, Kellogg MBA

By Interest

  • Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin interests/hobbies? ⇒ things the person has expressed interest in on social media broadly
  • Example: Business and Careers, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Startups, Politics, Extreme Sports, Books and Publications, Travel

By Social Media

By Twitter

  • Twitter followers: People who follow me
  • Twitter following: People who you are following
  • Mutual follows: Browse people who follow each other
  • By follower count:
    • 1k+
    • 10k+
    • 100k+
  • Example: Twitter followers from Switzerland, mutual followers with 1k+ followers, Twitter following with 100k+ followers (people you follow with 100k+ followers)

By Other Social Media


  • Musicians with Soundcloud: Searches for musicians in your contact list with a Soundcloud account
  • Influencers with Pinterest: Pinterest, influencers
  • Tumblr: Tumblr, user account

By Date

  • Within the year, quarter, month, or week
  • People you recently interacted with
  • People you haven’t seen or interacted with in a while
  • Example: People I met in the last month, people I met in the past year

By Relationship

  • By Frequency of Meetings ⇒ met means calendar
    • People you’ve met once
    • People you’ve met twice
    • People you’ve met multiple times
    • People you’ve met more than once
    • People you’ve haven’t met yet
      • Added manually or added on Twitter
    • Example: People I met once, people I’ve emailed with a bunch
  • By Relationship Closeness ⇒ you don’t mark people yourself, we do it for you
    • criteria = well calendered, close on email, history goes back
    • utility: could you reach out to these people? ⇒ my top 100 close people you can discover, they are in your clay
    • who would you be comfortable cold-intro’ing
    • fluid, people can move in and out of it
    • if there is something wrong, you need to connect your data or we need to improve algorithm
    • Close
    • Closer
    • Closest
    • New: Contact just entered your list
    • Example: New (new contact you have an upcoming meeting with), Closest Berkeley (someone you spoke to just this morning who also attended Berkeley), I haven’t seen in a while
  • List Everyone
    • all
    • clay members

Other Search Tricks

  • Search by people you set reminders for ⇒ reminder , reminders
  • Clay members only, all members

Search Results

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