How Search Works

What does it search? How does it work?

  • How do you determine geographical distance (close / closer / closest / new)?
  • Does it recognize city nicknames/shorthand?
  • What do you do about private Twitter accounts?
  • Which other social media accounts are/will be supported? has nothing to do with integrations
  • If you email a lot, calendar, activities (follow them on Twitter and they follow you)?
  • Where do you get contacts recently interacted with?
    • Calendar events, Twitter interactions, email?

    • Search independent of integrations: you will have more people with more integrations and the level of specificity will differ but that’s it = i.e. Gmail search = I get more search results if I have more accounts connected
  • Coming soon: Linkedin Integrations,
  • How do you suggest people I haven’t seen or interacted with in a while? (Do we need to have previously interacted before?)
    • FAQ later
    • Based on interest/Twitter interaction && never met? ⇒ type interest (New York Times follower who I haven’t met/who I’ve never met)
  • How do you know someone is new to town (search by new” by location)? (Twitter feed ⇒ updates your Explore page also)
  • How are my contact’s interests determined? (Facebook, public search)
  • How do I search for people I set reminders for?
    • reminder or reminders

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