Advanced Search

You can combine different search terms in Clay to find the exact right person you need.

For even more powerful actions, combine advanced search with automation tools. You can add notes to existing contacts via Zapier and automate your search queries.

Advanced search

You can now search using a few advanced search tricks you might be familiar with from Google: quotes around a phrase will look for that phrase specifically, and a minus sign in front of a word or phrase will exclude records containing it. For example, non-profit boards” will search for that exact phrase in your profiles and notes, while reporters -NYT will search for reporters who don’t work at the New York Times

More Examples

Combine # of followers with Twitter

Clay members can be a catch-all- it doesn’t need to be particular page.

Find Clay members with a certain threshold of followers by combining with 1k+, 10k+, or 100k+.

ex: Clay members with 10k+ followers

Traveling to SF for first time

  • Who do I know here?

people in ___ (location) during (date)

ex: people in San Francisco in September 2020

Get travel recommendations and tips from people currently in your area from your Clay contacts.

Meeting Online Friends IRL

ex: Twitter followers in Seattle I've never met

Find people who follow you online and have a history of engaging with your content that you’ve never actually met. Clay can help you make that connection.

Particular Academic or Professional Background

  • Searching for people with advanced degrees

people with (advanced degrees)[comes from bio] (who are hiring)[from notes]

ex: people with PhDs who are hiring

Don’t waste time and connect with people from specific backgrounds on your next job search.

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