Filter Contacts by Keyword

Filtering Contacts is Easy and Intuitive

Use keyword commands exactly as though you were speaking with a friend!

  • List everyone: all
  • List Clay contacts only: clay members
  • Search for people you set reminders for:

reminder <contact> reminders <contact>

You can filter intelligently across various categories:

  • By Location: Type a city, state, region, or country

Europe Minneapolis CO

  • By Organization: Type a workplace or company name

Bloomberg Google Techcrunch

  • By Education: Type an institution or university name or an education level

Associates Bachelors Masters MBA PhD Postdoc

  • By Interest: Type hobbies, interests, group names, meetups

flyfishing Javascript politics startups

  • By Social Media: Type platform names

Soundcloud Pinterest Tumblr

  • By Twitter: Type Twitter relation and/or follower count

follower following mutual follows 1k 10k 100k

  • By Date: Type timeframes like week, month, year, or quarter

People I met in the last month people I met in the past year

  • By Relationship: Type a frequency closeness

close closer closest

Search Results

For more advanced tips to efficiently filter your contacts, see:

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