Browse Explore and Set Some Reminders

Shortcut for Explore: G then E

Shortcut for Reminders: R

Explore is your high-level view of what’s happening in your network, in real-time by giving you an overview of the people, notes, and moments you’ve added.

After you’ve browsed Explore, make sure to set future reminders to get notifications right on your iOS device and in your Explore pane.

Check out the five elements of Explore below:

1. Reconnect

Reconnect with a contact when Clay finds someone you might want to chat with again.

2. Live Moments

Receive real-time updates when a contact with a Twitter profile changes their bio, location, or website.

3. News

Receive curated mentions of people you know in the news.

4. Weekly Highlights

Helpful summary of events you attended, people you met, and notes you wrote.

5. New Members

See which of your contacts joined Clay.

After you’ve browsed, make sure to set reminders!

When to Set Reminders

  • You see a friend you want to reconnect with
  • A friend is mentioned in the news and you want to reach out to congratulate them
  • A professional contact changes their location and moves to your area
  • You see a weekly highlight you want to follow up on
  • A new contact joins Clay

How to Set Reminders

  1. Go on your Today🔅 screen
  2. Pick an event under Today🕒 or Upcoming🔄
  3. Under Actions, select Reminder

For more on Explore, check out the Explore Features page.

For more on Reminders, check out the Setting Future Reminders page.

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