Using Explore for Personal and Professional Development

What can you use Explore for?

Take a more proactive approach to fostering your relationships. New job? Recent move? Published article? We help you stay on top of those updates big and small, so you’ll be able to reach out at the perfect moment.

Reconnect + News

If one of your contacts did something newsworthy, you’ll get a note in Clay. Similarly, Reconnect makes personalized suggestions that help you along your journey. This allows you to take a note or reach out to the exact right person you should be talking to right now!

Weekly Highlight + Moments

Weekly Highlights and Moments can be used in conjunction to track your weekly progress and debrief. Make sure you attend the events or meetups that get you to the next level professionally, connect with people who are inspiring to you or available to you through the Clay network, and review notes you make during those encounters.

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Explore Features Reconnect with a contact when Clay finds someone you might want to chat with again. Swipe them away to dismiss Tap and hold to set a reminder Mute
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