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Reconnect with a contact when Clay finds someone you might want to chat with again.

1. Tap on the person to view their profile.

2. Pick an action.

  • Swipe them away to dismiss
  • Tap and hold to set a reminder
  • Mute the person if you don’t want to be shown their profile again


  • How does Clay know who I should reconnect with?
  • When I tap or dismiss a person that you suggest I reconnect with, does it help make the recommendations get better?
    • Yes, we refine recommendations over time based on your feedback.

Live Moments

Receive real-time updates when a contact with a Twitter profile changes their bio, location, or website.

  • See changes in the feed and what was added or removed.
  • Looks at your email subject lines and events you’ve attended to help you make sense of what you’ve accomplished so far and set clear goals for the future.


Receive curated mentions of people you know in the news.

  • The article will appear in your feed alongside the person.

1. Take a note.

2. Reach out.

Weekly Highlights

Helpful summary of events you attended, people you met, and notes when a friend is mentioned in the news and you want to reach out, you see a weekly highlight you want to follow up on, or a new contact joined Clay and you want toyou wrote.

  • How can the weekly highlights be helpful? Make sure I attend the events or meetups that get me to the next level professionally, connect with people who are inspiring to me or in my extended network, and how many useful notes I made during those encounters

New Members

See which of your contacts joined Clay.

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