Flag Incorrect or Incomplete Profiles

Clay automatically manages duplicates, but occasionally we don’t have correct or up-to-date profile information. When that happens, flag the data issue:

  1. Go to the Contact’s profile
  2. Click ... under Actions
  • Pick a Data Issue

Wrong Person

  • Information pulled for contact provided is incorrect

Duplicate Person

  • Should be merged with another contact

Not A Person

  • This contact is an email or social media entity, not a person (i.e. [email protected] or the @NYTimes Twitter account)

Needs More Info

  • Empty profile or missing data

What happens once I flag a data issue?

Within a day or two, Clay (automatically with algos / manually with people) will review and then remove or fix any data issues. For example, if you flag someone as a duplicate, Clay will find any contacts you have in Clay that might be the same person and merge them into one profile.

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