Which Accounts to Connect

Connecting more accounts gives a more complete picture of your available contacts, their updates, and relationships that can help you in your goals.

Email and Calendar

Most people have relationships that span both professional and personal contexts. Colleagues become friends when you leave a job and your communication with them moves to your personal email.

Likewise, if you invite someone you know personally to a work meetup, you’re building a professional relationship with them.

  • Accordingly, most users connect their personal and work accounts with both calendar and email.
  • Your Clay profiles for each person will represent your holistic relationship with them, not just one aspect of it.


If you’re active on Twitter, connecting your Twitter account will bring in people you know or engage with on Twitter as well.

  • You can always start by connecting 1 or 2 accounts and add more later.

Further Help

If there are people missing or you’re not seeing your full relationship history, it’s likely because you haven’t connected the right set of accounts.

When in doubt, reach out to [email protected] and we can offer some guidance on how to set everything up!

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