What Type of Note to Use

Should You Take Notes?

  • Was this a formal meeting or an informal meeting?
  • Did you learn anything noteworthy about the person that you need to remember in the future?
  • Was anything that might help you professionally said?
  • Does the encounter leave you with further questions, inquiries, or action items?
  • Do you need to remember anything in preparation for an upcoming event?

Sample Notes


You can pick any format that suits you, as all notes will be easily searchable.

We have found that some users prefer using a narrative format, where they describe the person or context in full sentences, while others prefer bullet lists that make use of brevity and tagging for future reference.


Taking clear, concise notes during or after meetings helps you find anything you need on the fly with our effortless search feature.

  • We suggest focusing on useful contact information, meeting objectives, any issues or questions, and action items or follow-ups.

Taking longer notes works very well too, as you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for just as quickly and seamlessly using our powerful search feature.

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