Reaching out to People from Clay

Reaching out to the people you connect with on Clay can bring new opportunities and help cement the relationships you’ve already cultivated.

1. Swipe on a Clay member’s cellphone in the Today view

  • Alternatively, find their profile through search (shortcut: /)

2. Send the appropriate follow-up:

Thank You

  • Show gratitude and enthusiasm by following up quickly after a meeting.


  • If you see a life update — change in bio, press mention — in the Explore view, congratulate them!

Create Your Own Luck

  • Notice a life update on Explore mentioning relocation? Reach out to meet up!
  • Is Clay suggesting you reconnect with someone? Shoot them a text.
  • Is someone now working at your dream company? Inquire to see whether they are hiring.

Writing thoughtful follow-ups, congratulating friends on their accomplishments, and being receptive to new opportunities help you convey appreciation and keep your connections strong.

Be sure to return the favor!

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