Finding a Note or Person Later

Every word in your notes is automatically turned into a search query for you, so you can search for whatever you want. Search by location, organization, education level, follower count, interests, or any little detail that stood out to you and appears anywhere in your notes.

If you’ve taken notes with useful tags, you can use them to find a specific note or person after an event is over.

  • This might include searching for #todo to pull up all notes with pending action items, or #questions for any additional research you may need to do before the next event.
  • You can also search for any notes that were taken during the meeting to jog your memory on what was said or any important information.

Historically, you’d have trouble doing this because it requires keeping track of your contacts, any notes about them, and hundreds of contextual cues.

In addition, it took real effort and administrative work to link everything in a concise and organized way, let alone search through it all. This probably led to avoiding taking notes in the first place and losing a lot of valuable information as a result!

Fortunately, Clay’s search feature makes finding exactly what you need easier than ever.

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