Writing Useful Notes

While Clay is not designed as a heavy-duty note-taking app, taking useful notes is a big part of Clay’s mission to be an extension of your brain built and help you remember people in your professional life.

For that reason, we don’t advocate for any particular note-taking system but rather taking clear, concise notes during or after meetings to help you find anything you need on the fly with our effortless search feature.

When to Use Notes

  • Jot down some notes before a meeting so you can have them open and ready during
  • Writing down any fun fact, accomplishments, or tidbit about someone on their profile during a meeting to help you delegate small but important trivia and search for just about anything you can remember about someone
  • Tag action items, remember to follow through, or classify anything that’s on your mind for ease of access after the meeting is over.


You can choose any word to jog your memory when searching for something.

Any word is searchable and we will pull up all relevant notes, but some users have found it helpful to create custom hashtags by a pound sign (#) out of habit and have certain words stand out.

It is best to use consistent words for repeat searches or tasks, so you can easily find what you need across all your notes.

Example Uses

  • Remembering to reach out to someone by tagging a note as requiring a follow-up before you get a chance to set a reminder (#followup, #email, #textback)
  • Put a little heading such as Action Items”, star it, or tag a note #todo so you can easily find it in search and take the appropriate actions
  • Tag any pending #issue or #question in a note to circle back or do further research.
  • Leave a tag like #objective in a note with a person you’re meeting with to remember the focus of the meeting

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