Helping People in My Network

Just as reaching out to people from Clay helps you in your personal and professional life, paying it forward to your contacts is equally rewarding.

1. Read Explore to see what people are up to.

2. Look for ways to be helpful:

  • Has someone relocated near your area?
  • Is someone looking for a new job or hiring someone for their team?
  • Has someone listed a new hobby or interest that you or someone in your network has exposure to?
  • Would someone be the perfect speaker or attendee at an event you are hosting or know of?
  • Has someone updated their bio with some other life update (in a transition period, actively searching for connection, etc.)?

3. Reach out proactively, and search your Clay notes for possible intros!

If you think someone would benefit from Clay, invite them!

  1. Click the User icon on the top right on Desktop or Settings for both iOS and Android
  2. Under Info, press Invite to Clay

    Invite to Clay

  3. That will open up an email page.
  4. Send it to the person you are interested in inviting and someone from Clay will reach out to you!

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