Daily Check-in: Home & Explore

Think of Home and Explore as a curated, live briefing of what you need to know about the people you care about.

➊ Home

Our goal is to enable you to be more thoughtful with the people you interact each day. Here, Clay presents the day's events, any follow-ups that are due, and when you interact with someone for the first time, Clay creates a card and marks them as a New Contact. To make the most out of today, we encourage you to take notes, set reminders, and check in daily.

On Mac and Web

Home is the first view on the sidebar

  • Hit E to dismiss the alert
On iOS

Home is the first icon on the Tab bar on iOS

  • Swipe to the left to record a note
  • Swipe to the right to dismiss the alert

Review Home every day, ideally in the morning and the evening. It doesn’t need to be extensive, just a quick glance to remind yourself what you have going on, check in with what happened, and jot down anything that felt relevant.

➋ Explore

Explore is a real-time, high-level view of what’s happening in your network with an overview of the people, notes, and moments you’ve added. Use Explore proactively to foster stronger personal and professional relationships by learning what your people are up to. It's composed of a few elements:

  • Any Reminders that are due Home will appear in Explore as well.
  • Explore also displays Reconnect notifications that prompt you to reach out someone who haven’t spoken with in a while.
  • Feed updates notify you when your contacts change their Twitter bio, location, or website.
  • Whenever your contacts are mentioned of your contacts in News publications.
  • You get a Weekly Highlight with stats on how many people you've added, notes you've written, and events you've attend.
  • When someone you know joins Clay, you’ll see them mentioned as a New Member.

Keyboard Shortcuts

G then I to open Home

G then E to open Explore

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