Adding or Removing Contacts

Cards contain contact info and personal details.

Creating a Card

Clay automatically creates cards for all contacts connected to your integrations. You can quickly add a contact manually in Clay by tapping

in the Tab bar on iOS or clicking 
at the bottom left on Mac and Web.


Under Person, you can enter:

  • A name (e.g. Jane Doe)
  • An email address (e.g.
  • A phone number (e.g. +1 123-456-7890)
  • A Twitter handle (e.g. @janedoe)
  • A LinkedIn URL (e.g.

If you enter a name, Clay will create a blank card where you can add additional info. If you enter anything other than name (i.e. email or Twitter handle), Clay will enrich that card with additional information if possible.

Removing a Card

On Mac and Web

From a card

  1. Click
    at the top

From search

  1. Select your contacts by hitting the box on the left or hovering over the card and hitting X or space
  2. Hit
    More Options
    More Options
    at the top and then

On iOS

  1. Open the card
  2. Tap
    in the Action menu at the top of the card

Keyboard Shortcuts

P to add a person from anywhere within the app

In a card

M to merge with another card

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