About Cards

A Clay card is an all-in-one stop for information about someone, containing your
alongside public information that Clay automatically gathers like their website and social profiles.


You've known some people for years, others, you just met today. Clay analyzes your relationship strength by using the context and frequency with which you interact with someone to show certain people more often. You can star or unstar someone from their card or by hitting S.


Moments provide context for your relationships. Both your first interaction(s)—message, email, and/or event—and upcoming ones are listed, with hyperlinks that open in the moment's respective application.

Related People

When taking notes, you often need to mention other people—who you were introduced by, friends in common, colleagues who came up in conversation. Whenever you mention another person in a note, Clay shows that they're related.

When writing a note, type @ to reference another person or tap

on iOS. Since relationships are bidirectional, each person will show up under the other’s Related People.

Connected Accounts

Clay uses your

to display how you're connected to your contacts. Check out our
Icon Guide
for more details.

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