Welcome guide Next time you open Clay on iOS, you’ll see a bespoke welcome guide that walks you through a few choice features. New members will see this on first launch, but we didn’t want those who have been with us from the beginning to miss out!

Even more highlights The Explore view shows highlights across all the people you know, and now you can see that information, plus recent tweets, directly on someone’s profile. You’ll have even more ways to keep up with the rapid changes in the lives of your favorite people.

Customize your notifications Thanks to your feedback, we’re introducing finer controls around which events trigger notifications. We default to the least amount of notifications possible to respect your attention and time. But many of you have requested the ability to customize that further. You will now be able to turn on notifications for people you’ve seen recently, the people you’re closest to, and disable our quality filter. (Thanks Sid J., Jackson D., Jeff M., and others for suggesting.)

✨ Improvements

  • Removed an unnecessary Google permission as an additional privacy safeguard (thanks Julia A.)

🛠 Fixes

  • Fix for Zapier authentication (thanks Alex M.)
  • Fix for some missing calendar events (Google changed their API on us)

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