Flag incorrect or incomplete profiles Clay automatically manages duplicates, but occasionally we don’t have correct or up-to-date profile information. We added shortcuts for four common data issues, all available in one tap by tapping on the …” menu at the top of each card, or on Suggest an edit” at the bottom:

  • Wrong person: the information we pulled is incorrect for the contact info provided
  • Duplicate person: this person should be merged with one of your other contacts
  • Not a person: this contact isn’t a person — think [email protected] or a Twitter account like @NYTimes
  • Needs more info: a fairly empty profile, or one missing a photo / name / etc.

Suggest edits If you have more specific edits, tap on Edit other details” to change a contact’s info. We’ll review and verify any information you submit before it gets reflected in that persons profile

Edit your profile Just like you can suggest edits to other contacts, tap Edit profile” in Settings to change what other Clay members see about you

🛠 Fixes

  • Settings screen is less sensitive to taps while scrolling
  • Editing a note and then creating a new one no longer overwrites notes — thanks Andrew P.
  • Long contact cards word-wrap correctly now

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